At Arivex Alignement we understand that auto alignment maintenance is generally overlooked by most drivers. However, every car owner should know the benefits of a wheel alignment. Wheel alignments not only prevent your car from “pulling” to one side or the other, it also will also improve your tire life.

Poor alignment is the major source of significant tire wear. Proper wheel alignment will allow for greater traction on road surfaces which is important when driving in less than dry or slippery conditions. With a proper alignment, you’ll also get longer tire life, increased gas mileage and drive more safely.

At Arivex, our certified technicians with thoroughly inspect your vehicles alignment, suspension system and tires.

Our experienced service technician will check your alignment readings with our Hunter Hawk Eye Alignment System to see if it is within vehicle manufacturer specifications. If their professional opinion is that you need a simple alignment, we will adjust the angles of the vehicle to match the manufacturer recommended specifications. A properly aligned car allows for optimal handling and traction which results in safer driving conditions.

Car suspension is a different story; if there are noises, vibrations, and excessive amounts of tire wear, your suspension system may be in need of repair. Our experienced service technician will check, repair, and replace ball joints, sway bar links, tie rods, CV joints, shock absorbers, struts, and coil springs. We also may provide you with a recommendation install new tires on your car or truck if your current tires have little tread remaining.

Having an experience and qualified technician properly repair suspensions and perform wheel alignments can save you money in the future, as you’ll drive longer and smoother, and save on fuel costs

We offer reliable auto alignment and suspension services on all makes and models so that you can drive with peace of mind. Contact us today and be on the road in a safer car in no time!